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About us

A dynamic team of talented individuals

We believe that trust, communication and collaborative working are key to successful project delivery.  

With UK offices in Warwickshire and London, and globally, we are able to work closely with key Clients.  

Remember the techies in The Matrix who could stare at screens full of cascading data and understand instantly the underlying four-dimensional reality that data represents?

Well, we’re a lot like those guys.

We have co-ordinated the myriad of details on many capital projects, untangled so many snarled document trails, and extricated the data to create 3D/4D digital prototypes, so that we can easily see connec­tions that others miss.



We have developed a structured approach to project realisation, concentrating on three key areas: people, process and technology.  Our projects vary in size and complexity and we work across the UK and overseas, providing design services across a variety of market sectors and via many procurement routes.

We believe Fulcro's success is based on the belief that communication and collaborative working is the key to successful project delivery.  We have direct experience of working with dynamic and complex team environments, and are proud to maintain strong and lasting relationships with our clients.




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Fulcro - creating project certainty

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  • Fulcro - Unit 3A, Wixford Park, George's Elm Lane, Bidford-on-Avon, Warwickshire, B50 4JS
  • +44(0) 1789 490000