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Southend University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Southend University Hospital was opened in May 1888 with eight beds and two cots. Today it serves a local population of 350,000 with over 730 beds.

Southend University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (SUHFT) initially wanted to create an accurate record of their estate by digitising their 2D drawings and updating these with site surveys. Having identified the desired outcome we recommended an alternative strategy of using BIM to record and deliver the required data.

 An accurate and current dataset was to be created that could evolve as the numerous small maintenance projects undertaken by the Estates Department were completed. This data would therefore remain up-to-date and accessible when needed.

Our approach
A BIM standardisation and modelling strategy was implemented following an exploratory visit to the University of Brighton to understand their use of BIM data to support facilities management operations.

We created a Common Data Environment (CDE) to allow SUHFT data to be stored, managed and accessed remotely by authorised parties. When reviewing the data we realised that it was highly inaccurate and recommended using laser scanning technology to create a ‘snapshot’ of the estate, including internal spaces above and below ceilings as a priority.

The site records were then updated using the validation scans and the 3D data was output as accurate 2D drawings.

The outcome
The project delivered an exact ‘as-built’ record in 3D of the hospital’s 98,337 square metres estate. Using Field BIM technology and the CDE protocol the data is then maintainable in a real-time accurate format.

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